Workers Request for Tax Amnesty Revoked
Tanggal Posting : Senin, 3 Oktober 2016 | 11:44
Pengirim : Maizer - dibaca 511 kali

Thousands of workers rallied in front of the State Palace, Jakarta, one of the demands called for policies Tax Amnesty revoked. Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung said, the policy actually has nothing to do directly on the wages of workers. Pramono explained, this tax amnesty policy has many benefits, especially for the country’s economy.

"The most felt at this time, simply right way. One, budget APBN which yesterday had no holes, it will soon be covered, because there is additional revenue from taxes. Second, we see today the currency we are stronger, and that means our purchasing power strong, "said Pramono Agung in his office, the State Secretariat Building, Jl Veteran, Central Jakarta.

In addition, continued Pramono Agung, Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) Indonesia has also improved thanks to the policy’s Tax Amnesty. They have led to increased confidence in the world to Indonesia.

"And more than all of that is trust, public confidence, the confidence of the world to Indonesia, the business world, it is now very heavy at all. And we certainly believe there will be capital inflow because the government could consolidate well it is," said Pramono Agung.

Then, what about the workers demand that this policy is revoked? Pramono explained, this policy actually has nothing to do directly with the wages of workers.

"It’s a matter of understanding it. Because they may be understanding, not explained well. Actually, this baseball is to do directly with wages, baseball is no relation at all. Tax amnesty is right for the nation, not only for the government, not only for the president, not just for the minister, but for the people of Indonesia for the better, "he explained.

"It’s so simple. If now they are first put on the outside, are now put in, for the benefit of the better, for the benefit of the people, one future anyway?" Pramono Agung added.

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