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During Production Inspection

What is During Production Inspection?

At least 20% to maximum 50% goods finished and a close follow up of the production status. this inspection allows you to detect potential problem in early stage
and evaluation of the average product quality during manufacturing so you can take sooner corrective action to avoid last minute delay and secure your business.

What do we check during a During Production Inspection?

During Production Inspection covers all aspects of a regular quality inspection such as Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements, depending on the product and the export market. The During Production Inspection (DPI) will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products and the planning of production.

Our team of inspectors chooses a specific quantity of completed products, according to AQL tables - and inspects them according to your specifications, requirements and according to our protocols and expertise. After completing the During Production Inspection, a fully detailed inspection report with pictures and comments is sent to you. Then you are able to Accept or Reject your shipment online.

The added value of a During Production Inspection?

Why should I book this During Production Inspection?

Because you might want to check if the production is running smoothly, especially if no FAI were performed during the first processes of the production. Because you should keep pressure on your vendor’s shoulders and because trust is good, but control is better.

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