Factory Audit

What is the Factory Audit?

Selecting the right vendor is one of the most essential factors for successful sourcing. IndoQC Factory Assessment Audit allows you to verify the capability of manufacturer to meet contract condition for safety, quality and performance, quantity and delivery terms.

What do we check during a Factory audit?

Core areas and processes addressed by a factory audit include :

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Product Control
  3. Process Control
  4. Good Manufacturing Practice (Factory environment standards)

The added value of a Factory Audit and why should book a Factory Audit?

Our Factory Audit services can help :

  1. Evaluate capabilities of potential new vendors as part of the selection process
  2. Identify key strengths and weaknesses of your exiting vendor base
  3. Monitor and track progress over time to drive quality throughout the manufacturing process
  4. Provide an independent assessment tool that retailers, buyer and vendors can use together to make improvements.

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